Cats get into gaming with tablet games from Friskies

If you read this website then you know that because of Internet memes, cats are one of the most popular things in the world.

Cats are one of the only things on the Internet that people search for more than porno. So it was only a matter of time before the Internet was used to develop a way to entertain cats.


The circle is complete.


The Friskies label of products has proudly launched iPad and Android games specifically made for cats and their sensory needs.


The three games: “Cat Fishing,” “Tasty Treasures Hunt,” and “Party Mix-Up”, have virtual swimming fish and flying food or treats and they were developed through behavioral research, careful consideration of what appeals to cats’ senses, and believe it or not, feline focus group sessions.

If you are in need of a quick burst of entertainment (bored at work you slackers) you can watch cats Einstein, Trapper, Jasmine, and Gary play the new iPad games here.


“We’re always working to find new ways to feed cats’ senses, whether at mealtime or playtime,” said Ryan Gass, assistant brand manager for Friskies.  “To develop these games for cats, we learned what truly appealed to them. Now we know their favorite colors, types of movement and their general game-play attitudes. We also found out that they cannot play pinball.”


The Friskies research showed that cats are most interested by the complex movements of objects as they wiggle or spin across the screen.  Also, the variety of colors a cat sees is much smaller than a human’s, so creating a good distinction between the background and the game pieces was crucial. Also the glass screens of the tablet devices were able to handle the cats’ paws without scratching.


Can you see a product opportunity for those who love their cats and want them to be technologically savvy, but are concerned with the integrity of their screen? Pet accessories for tablet computers would be a big money maker; people love to drop money on their pets.


It doesn’t stop with tablets either. Friskies also is releasing an iPhone app for cat owners: “Here Kitty Kitty.” The app simulates cats’ favorite sounds, the opening of a can of cat food, the rustling of a bag of cat food, and bird chirps and cat meows. It’s designed to bring cats running.  


You can play the games for free and learn more about Friskies and the new games by visiting or Users will soon be able to download the apps from the iTunes app store. Friskies plans to release more games and apps for cats (and their owners) in the future.


The hardcore techheads out there might want to know that the Friskies Games were created with HTML5/CSS3, a cutting-edge programming technique that allows designers to create impressive animations with a much shorter timeline than the traditional Objective-C-based iPad apps. Furthermore, HTML5-based apps can be released directly to the public as links, with no user account required at the iTunes app store. They also work on Android tablets.