Brosix Instant Messenger – a perfect alternative to AIM

AOL has decided to shut down its instant messenger service AIM by 15th December 2017. This is a decision that has disappointed a good deal of the fans who have been using AIM as their primary IM service. Are there any better alternatives? Well, yes – in the present age when instant messaging has reached a new height and begun to become the sole mode of communication, we have a lot of alternatives. One alternative that can be helpful for those looking for a replacement is Brosix. Let us go through the details in this post.

Brosix Instant Messenger – What It Is?

Brosix Instant Messenger is a great mode of internet communication. More than individual uses, it is a suitable and reliable communication tool for business uses, because of the high degree of security and efficiency. Brosix can be integrated well into your business module because of the effective way of team communication it offers and possibilities to create and customize your own network.

Some of the things that make it an interesting alternative to AIM are :

  • Secure and Complete Control : Brosix allows you to communicate securely within the comfort of your team network. The advanced 256-bit encryption used by the application makes sure to encrypt all of the communication channels. Moreover, it lets the Administrator have complete control over the communication and the entire IM network.
  • Chat-history archive : The Administrator of the network has full access to users’ communication. Apart from it, the Admin can follow the times of sign in/out and the names of the files users send.
  • The Easy To Use Interface : The interface is not complicated in any way. It may look different from the regular instant messengers, but the interface and the UI are easily understandable. Learning to use the application would take less than a couple of minutes.
  • Group Chat : Group Chat feature would allow you to add multiple members to a single chat. Sending media and screenshots of the projects would be easierthan ever.
  • Voice and Video Chat : If you are averse to the idea of typing incessantly, you can take a look at the video chats and voice messaging features. In fact, it can replace your regular phone line with a more reliable and secure platform to communicate on the important business matters with ease and in a more secure way.

There are many other interesting aspects of the application that would grab your interest. However, we may not be able to explain all the features in a concise article like this. We believe that Brosix is the ultimate solution and an efficient alternative to AIM.

The support provided by the service is excellent. You can contact them for any kind of issues and get prompt and fast responses and solutions. The team of specialists working there would love to help you out with all your questions and inquiries.

Another great thing about the application is the fact that it is available for multiple languages. However, we do not claim that all the languages are supported. Check if your preferred language is supported.

In Conclusion

If you are worried about the shutting down of AIM and looking for the alternatives, this can be a good option. We do not claim that this is the ultimate alternative that you need to go for, but still it is one of the excellent options you have. If business communication is what you are worried about – go for Brosix and you will not repent it.