"Breakup Notifier" Facebook app lets users prowl

If you’re anything like me, the only shot you ever have at catching a woman’s eye is when she’s on the rebound. And that is why there’s a new app on Facebook that lets users monitor whenever someone changes their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

So let’s say you’re in high school and, like everyone else you pretty much have friended every single one of your classmates. Now you can go through the list and choose the hottest – or at least the more plausible – mates in your friend list.

The Breakup Notifier app then sends you a covert notification any time one of them becomes single.

Does it sound stalker-ish? Yeah, kinda. Is it a bit distasteful? Maybe. But is it something we all wish we had in the days of high school and college? You betcha.

The app doesn’t just alert you with relationship status changes to “single,” it lets you know every time one of your selected friends changes their relationship status at all – so, it’s also handy if you’re coveting your lab partner in biology and mustering up the courage to ask her out, but then suddenly realize she’s gone to “in a relationship” status. You snooze you loose!

The app was just recently released and there are already 2,000 people who have shown their approval with the “Like” button. As someone who is actually in a relationship, I noticed that when I went to www.breakupnotifier.com and logged into my Facebook account, it gave me the message, “P.S. You’re in a relationship! Naughty naughty…”