Bird’s Eye app offers map-based view of the Twitterverse

Have you ever looked at people working their phones and wondered if they were tweeting about you or the people around you? 

Or perhaps you are more interested in what’s going on in London, or Madrid? Well, whatever city piques your interest, Bird’s-Eye is an iPad app that offers users a glimpse into tweets from around the world via a map-based, real-time interface.

It works like this: simply sign into the Bird’s-Eye app with your Twitter credentials and set a default location.

If you’re in New York City but want to take a look at another area, you can easily add additional cities and monitor people tweeting from a specific location.

It doesn’t matter if you’re following the person or not, you will still see all tweets originating from a particular place. 

Bird’s-Eye plots all tweets in a particular city on a map and provides the user with a real-time feed of everything coming out of that city. The app can best be described as a lens with which to closely examine Twitter-related activity in a particular area – since you can’t actually tweet from the platform.

The tool is particularly interesting as a news or event tracker. For example, imagine accessing an app like Bird’s Eye during a natural disaster, momentous news event or big game like the SuperBowl.

Bird’s-Eye is currently available for the iPad (iOS 4.2 or later) in the App store for free.