Ballmer: Windows 7 is a better Windows than any Windows

The CEO of Microsoft came out with an astonishing statement today – he said that Windows 7 is a better Windows than any other Windows.

The reason? It’s energy efficient and secure, he told his customers in an invidually penned letter to the whole world.

He’s calling Windows 7 “the new normal” which we guess is an improvement over the “innovative normal”.

What’s different about Windows 7 is that it has an interface that’s fast and doesn’t have a lot of the features of Vista. When Microsoft introduced Vista, Ballmer said it was a better Windows than every other Windows it had made before.

He said that at the launch of Windows XP too, when he said his kids loved XP.

Ballmer touted the energy saving features of Windows 7 as being a particularly good return on investment (ROI), saving large corporations lots of money in energy bills.

Windows 7 has had good reviews. The really lucrative money is in selling OSes to corporations, and they were reluctant to switch to Vista. Now they’re inhibited by buying because of the credit crunch, but both Microsoft