Apple updates Mac OS X for SDXC, Magic Trackpad support

Alongside its new Mac product announcements from yesterday, Apple has issued a related update to its operating system that is available now for the new iMac systems.

Mac OS X version 10.6.4 for iMac patches a few stability and compatibility issues with the desktop computer system, but more importantly it adds support for the Magic Trackpad device that Apple released yesterday.

The Trackpad can be used as either a replacement for or a complement to a traditional computer mouse. It takes the multitouch technology from the iPhone and iPad and transfers it over to computer input commands such as scrolling, zooming, and mouse-clicking. It is also very similar to the built-in touch pad on Apple’s latest line of Macbook laptop computers.

In addition to the Magic Trackpad, Apple yesterday announced a refreshed line of iMac computers starting at $1,199.

The update also adds support for the newest version of SD memory cards, known as SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity), which are currently available with 64 GB of storage.