Apple servers wilt under iPhone upgrade strain

Cupertino, (CA) – Apple’s product activation system fell in a heap yesterday as users stampeded for the iTunes store to upgrade their iPhones.

While the OS 3.0 downloads reportedly worked fine, it seems that Apple had forgotten that each upgraded phone needed to have its new software activated and the demand knocked the activation system offline for several hours.

But it wasn’t just style victims rushing to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of the iPhone operating system that caused the problem – Apple has included no fewer than 46 patches for security vulnerabilities into OS 3.0, meaning that it actually was pretty important to get upgraded as soon as possible.

While basic functionality such as cut and paste was added for the first time, Apple has issued a security advisory detailing the vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to run malicious code after users downloaded images or visited compromised websites.

iPod Touch users should get the upgrade too, as a number of the vulnerabilities affect their devices as well, even if it means forking out $9.95.