Apple relents, eyes approval of Google Voice-enabled app

Apple – which recently relaxed its draconian iOS restrictions – is poised to re-approve a banned Google Voice-enabled app. But does the latest decision indicate a true change of attitude towards developers and a sudden affinity for openness?

Indeed, iOS developer Sean Kovac has received positive confirmation from Club Cupertino that his program will likely be re-approved for the App Store.

According to AppleInsider, Kovacs posted a Twitter message Thursday confirming that his company, GV Mobile, had complied fully with the changes made to the iOS license. 

“Since GV Mobile complies with all 110+ guidelines newly posted by Apple,  [will it] get approved?”

Several hours later, Kovacs reportedly received a message from Apple HQ stating that the app “would most likely get back in” once it is resubmitted.

It should be noted that Apple had previously removed a number of third-party Google apps – including GV Mobile – from its store.

Kovacs was then forced to transfer his app to Cydia, which has evolved into an alternative market (or refuge) for jailbroken iOS devices and developers who choose to openly defy the Cupertino-based company. 

So, it certainly seems to me that Steve Jobs and his Apple acolytes may have finally realized that a walled-garden paradigm can take a business only so far.

Cydia, while definitely not a critical threat to Apple, is clearly diverting substantial funds that could otherwise be flowing into Club Cupertino’s coffers.

I guess Steve Jobs would rather play nice with the developer community than alienate it. 

A wise business decision yes, but doubtless one driven by profit.

As such, it is highly unlikely that Apple’s latest decision indicates a true change of attitude towards developers or a sudden affinity for openness.