Apple releases OSX 10.5.7 Update

Cupertino (CA) – Apple released the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update for its operating system. The update improved both the stability and performance of the hardware and includes up to 70 security and bug fixes, which patch several PHP security loopholes, core graphics and the Safari web browser.

The update improves video playback and cursor movement for recent Macs with Nvidia graphics, adds RAW image support for multiple third-party digital cameras, improvements to network performance with Flow Control enabled Ethernet switches are in use, improvements to the parental controls panel, improvements to unit converter accuracy and other widgets such as the weather, movies, and stock and fixes Gmail and Yahoo issues.

The most important aspect of the patch is that it contains 68 security fixes to open source software such as PHP, Ruby and BIND which is bundled with the system.

Users interested in the update can access it via Apple’s Software Update control panel via the Downloads Web page. A full list of the tweaks and fixes can be found here.

MacFixIt is reporting that some users have stumbled upon installation issues, and offers workarounds.