Apple preps Snow Leopard beta

Cupertino (CA) – In the months since June 2008 ,Apple has been releasing test builds of the new Snow Leopard OS anywhere from four to six weeks apart. According to AppleInsider, Apple has now decided to release a new beta build to developers soon, though the extent of this build is unclear.

The first external build of the next-generation operating system was originally released in June 2008. Version 10A314 of the Snow Leopard Build was released in early April 2009, but lacked many of the major features which were expected to appear in builds prior to WWDC, such as OpenCL-based GPGPU acceleration. The new build 10A335 may change this scenario.

A potential build of Apple Remote Desktop 3.3, which is the Snow Leopard version of Apple’s remote management tool could be included.  Additionally individuals are expecting visual tweaks to the Mac OS X interface.

Apple had hoped to release the Snow Leopard software in June of this year; however those familiar with the beta test are suggesting that an August date will be more probable.