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Apple drops Atom bomb on Hackintosh netbook rebels

Apple has stepped up its war of attrition against Hackintosh rebels by disabling support for Intel’s Atom processor in the next version of Snow Leopard.

“It’s not out in the wild yet, but 10.6.2 has been confirmed to kill support for the Intel Atom processor,” reported OS X Daily. “This is especially important for Hackintosh users who have hacked various Atom based netbooks to run Snow Leopard.”

The publication also hypothesized that Apple was attempting to “shut down” the “growing and popular” Hackintosh Netbook community. 

“Mac OS X runs absolutely flawlessly on much of the PC Netbook hardware, once it’s configured you wouldn’t know you’re not on a Mac. Maybe it’s in effort to kill the Atom Hackintoh Netbooks in anticipation of the rumored Tablet? Or maybe it’s something totally unrelated?”

Whatever the reason, Apple is unlikely to pause its offensive against the rebellion – whose ranks were recently bolstered by the introduction of Psystar’s $50 Hackintosh patch. The patch, known as Rebel EFI, is apparently compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 and Xeon Nehalem CPUs. ??

It should be noted that Psystar’s Darwin Universal Boot Loader supports additional operating systems, including Windows 7, XP, Vista and various Linux flavors.

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