Apple: An apology

TG Daily would like to apologise unreservedly for any perceived suggestion that Apple, its users and iPhone owners in particular are in any way socially inadequate and need to get out more.

We appreciate that we may have inadvertently cast iPhone users in an unfavourable light over recent weeks in our reporting of applications that we wrongly-identified as a complete waste of time and then subjected to ridicule and the obviously misconceived assumption that iPhone users were complete idiots. 

We now accept that iPhone applications are, without exception, vital adjuncts to a well adjusted lifestyle.

As a token of our good faith, we report on the latest must-have iPhone application without comment, snide remarks, irony, sarcasm or pathetic attempts at humor. We therefore post the following news item, in full, exactly as received. We leave it to our readers to form their own opinion.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Reaches a Whole New Level Through Your iPhone!

RIDGEWOOD (NJ) – Watermelon Seed Spitting has just gone virtual and global through an exciting, new iPhone app called, iSeedSpit! Launched by The Giddy Gander Company and 211me, gone are the days when you actually need a watermelon to spit seeds. Now all you need is an iPhone or iPod Touch and the ability to blow!

The Giddy Gander Company and 211me announced today the availability of iSeedSpit! to iPhone and iPod Touch users launching the first ever, virtual Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. A world wide competition, individual participant’s scores can be easily posted directly to each player’s Facebook page directly from their iPhone or iPod touch, whereby others can view and compete. You never know what celebrity, sports figure, or musical legend will be iSeedSpitting against you!

As the iSeedSpit App can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store and at, The Giddy Gander Company will be donating 3 cents for every download of iSeedSpit! to Tuesdays Children during the first four months following this app’s launch. Tuesdays Children is a non-profit organization made up of innocent child victims of 911. These same kids (now older) are currently dispersed across the globe teaching and assisting other children on how to deal with the effects of terrorism in our own homeland and abroad.

The timing of the launch couldn’t be more perfect as it aptly coincides with a live watermelon seed spitting event like none other – the first ever Six Flags Great Adventure Live Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest being hosted in Jackson, NJ, by The Giddy Gander Company and The National Watermelon Association of the United States on July 4th.

How does one actually iSeedSpit? Simply, blow into the microphone of your iPhone or iPod Touch. A watermelon seed will then launch across your screen, bounce, land, and finally record your score on the screen, which can then be posted to your Facebook page directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Nothing could be more fun or easy!