Android apps more expensive in Europe

Continental Europe, as every backpacker knows, aint cheap, and that includes its Android apps according to analytics outfit, Distimo, which found publishers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain flogging their mobile wares for significantly more than their cheaper US, UK and Japanese counterparts.

Distimo’s report reckons those haughty European developers can command a whopping 49 per cent more for their app-artistry, at an average $4.42 per app-eratif, compared with a paltry $2.96 for US app-etizers. Japanese developers get a rather raw deal with their apps rolling in at $2.28 on average, while UK developers are pounding out apps for a middle of the road $3.31.

In terms of app production, Distimo discovered that a significant number of apps – 65 percent to be precise – were being churned out in the US whilst 12 percent emanated from the UK market. The rest of Europe collectively managed to farm out another 20 percent, while Japanese publishers accounted for a measly three percent.

In news that will shock no-one, Distimo also found that enterprise was much more willing to waste cash on silly productivity apps for workers slaving away on their crackberrys and Winmos than people were generally prepared to pay for regular old Android or iPhone apps. 

This translates into an average of about $3.50 for Android, iPhone and Ovi Store apps, while Microsoft makes around $6.99 and RIM rakes in $8.26 per app on average.

But whilst the big bullion boys of enterprise mobile charge more, it would appear that the cheaper, more open OSs like Android are set for spectacular growth, with IDC predicting total Android-powered phone shipments to reach 68.0 million units by 2013. That’s a whole lot of app cash to be made.

Now, pass me some more of that overpriced App-fel strudel…