American firm claims Chinese filter software stolen

The Green Dam software that the Chinese government is demanding ships with all new PCs to protect children from pornography contains code that belongs to a US firm, it’s alleged.

Solid Oak Software – based in California – alleges that elements of its CyberSitter software are being used in Green Dam software, a claim that’s strenuously denided by Jinhui Computer System Engineering.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Solid Oak will seek an injunction to prevent the software being installed on machines intended for the Chinese market. The president of Solid Oak, Brian Milburn, told the Journal that it received an email Friday alleging that code was in the Chinese offering.

He said that after engineers compared the two programs, he was 99.9 percent certain that Solid Oak software formed a large proportion of Green Dam software.

But even if his allegations are true, it will be difficult for him to enforce the injunction, even against US companies that seek to comply with the Chinese government diktat. Solid Oak may need to take legal action in China. More here (sub required).