AMD touts benefits of OpenCL and Snow Leopard

San Francisco (CA) – AMD has told TG Daily that its ATI Radeon HD 4800 series “complements” Snow Leopard’s fully compliant OpenCL Version 1.0 implementation. According to spokesperson Gary Silcott, OpenCL is a key enabler of ATI’s Stream technology which can be used to develop highly efficient applications.

“Industry standards are only as successful as their implementation and the proof is ultimately found in how many real world  products end up in the hands of consumers. The AMD announcement is another important milestone for OpenCL and the increasing role of GPUs in supporting compute applications beyond gaming and graphics,” explained Silcott. “As more and more developers utilize OpenCL to develop their applications, hardware platforms that deliver the best user experience by balancing software workloads between both multi-core CPUs and GPUs will be attractive options for end-users.”

Rick Bergman, Senior VP of AMD Products Group, noted that ATI Stream technology utilized multi-core CPU and GPU architectures to accelerate the execution of stream-enabled, highly parallel functions.

“Software developers can better serve end-users through open standards and OpenCL, a major component of Snow Leopard, that enables AMD’s ATI Stream technology to accelerate mainstream applications through the processing the power of a GPU,” said Bergman. “Whether you’re enjoying HD multimedia content or playing the newest games, the ATI Radeon HD 4870 and ATI Radeon HD 4850 in the latest Mac Pro and iMac help ATI Stream-enabled applications run faster.”

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