AMD releases graphics toolset for gaming performance analysis

Sunnyvale (CA) – Today, AMD announced its GPU PerfStudio 2.0 performance analysis tool for games. Available as a free, closed beta program, the product was designed “to easily integrate with existing projects, and help identify and resolve performance issues early in the development cycle.”

The toolset is designed by AMD to help game developers track down performance issues much earlier in the development cycle. Internal testing “measured significant time savings” when searching for and resolving game issues.

Its abilities include a Frame Debugger which allows developers to freeze applications on a single frame for detailed inspection of graphics rendering. Also a Shader Debugger which allows live debugging of the HLSL and ASM pixel shaders. And finally a Frame Profiler which helps identify bottlenecks and efficiency problems.

It has support for DirectX 10.1 and does not require special drivers to implement. Developers can contact AMD at

See AMD’s press release. Note also that Intel launched a similar program today for $299, called Graphics Performance Analyzer (GPA).