Amazon opens cloud-based music storage service

Having to keep track of MP3 files can be a total nuisance. But Amazon is looking to change that.

The online retailer has just rolled out a new service that will allow users to store music files online and then access those files from any computer, as long as it has an Internet connection.

The service uses a cloud-based storage solution. Users can upload their own music files to a digital drive, and all music purchased from Amazon MP3 can now be stored to the cloud. So users never have to worry about losing a file again. It’ll be permanently available online. Amazon is apparently working to ensure no legal issues arise from the service, such as being able to maintain content licenses from the music labels.

However, not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Sony told the WSJ, “We are disappointed that the locker service that Amazon is proposing is unlicensed by Sony Music.”

Amazon’s push to the cloud emphasizes how important that market is becoming. Other tech giants like Google and Apple are also working on cloud-based services that take the idea of having a local hard drive sound like something from the stone age.

The service went live late last night. Additional information can be found here.