Adobe updates Flash 10.1 beta with GMA 500 support

Adobe has updated its Flash 10.1 beta with support for Intel GMA 500 graphics and Broadcom Crystal HD chips.

According to Nilay Patel of Engadget, the third iteration of Adobe’s Flash 10.1 beta should make Hulu and YouTube HD “usable” on machines such as the Sony Vaio P, Vaio X, the Nokia Booklet 3G and the Dell Mini 10. 

In addition, the new build also offers support for the Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator found in a number of Intel Pine Trail Atom systems, including the Dell Mini 10 and HP Mini 210.  

“We just tried it out on our review HP Mini 210 and it managed 720p YouTube just fine, although 1080p was a no-go,” wrote Patel. “We’re waiting on some updated Broadcom drivers though, so don’t take that as gospel quite yet.”

Meanwhile, a Netbooked journalist reported similar HD graphic results with the latest beta version of Flash 10.1. 

“I’ve tried Beta 3 on my UL20A with GMA 4500M HD graphics, but windowed and fullscreen 1080p video is still not smooth and results / CPU usage have no been different for me from older versions.

“I also tried Beta 3 on my ASUS Eee PC T91MT with GMA 500 graphics, with the above drivers and 720p works nicely – not smooth but it’s not a slideshow like you get without the Flash 10.1 drivers.”