Adobe eyes Flash optimization for Mac OS X

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch has confirmed that his company is working hard to improve the performance of Flash on Mac OS X.

Lynch – who spoke with Kara Swisher of BoomTown – conceded that video renders were more “processor intensive” on Apple’s hardware than on Windows machines.

Lynch also responded to recent comments made by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who reportedly labeled Adobe a “lazy” corporation.

“It feels pretty busy around here, so I’m not sure what that’s about,” Lynch told Swisher in a video interview partially transcribed by AppleInsider.

“And that’s a rumor. I haven’t heard that necessarily he did say that. But maybe he did, whatever.”

Unsurprisingly, Lynch added that regardless of whether Jobs meant anything disparaging about Adobe, his corporation was completely receptive to public criticism. 

“We’re totally open to hearing feedback like that. And that’s one of the really important things to do in a situation like this, when people are complaining about something – not going into internal mode, or whatever, (but) really listening to what people are saying,” said Lynch.

“We do that with our customers, we do that with our critics, and often there are kernels in there that we ought to do something about, and so we are. [Remember], we work with Apple all of the time. We’re one of the biggest Macintosh software makers around.”

Finally, Lynch denied reports that Adobe was attempting to delay the next iteration of HTML5.

“I know that there are certainly some who are working on HTML5 who are out to kill Flash. If Flash stayed stagnant, it would certainly go away. But it’s not going to stay stagnant. We’re going to keep innovating,” he added.