A third of iPad owners have never downloaded an app

It’s an often-asked question – yes, of course the iPad is a wonderful device, but is it actually any use? And now figures from Nielsen appear to show that many owners can’t think of a thing to do with it.

A survey comparing iPad owners with owners of other connected devices by the market research company has found that a whopping 32 percent have never actually downloaded an app.

It found that four percent of US households now own tablet computers, and that the iPad has taken over from the iPhone for ‘print’ and video viewing.

But while 63 percent of iPad owners have downloaded a paid app, five percent have only downloaded free apps and 32 percent haven’t got any at all. Of those who have paid for an app, 62 percent bought games, 54 percent books and 45 percent news or shopping.

Ipad owners, though, spend longer on their content than iPhone owners of other devices – perhaps they’re making the most of what little they’ve got. For example, 78 percent of iPhone users spend less than 15 minutes reading news, while the figure’s just 44 percent for iPad owners.

And iPad owners are also ‘far more receptive to advertising’ – presumably it gives them something to look at – and more likely to buy something after viewing an ad.

This may be in part because they’re richer than owners of most other devices – Kindle owners are the only exception. They’re also young – 63 percent are under 35 – and tend to own the most devices.