Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle: heart warming revenue generation

The genius of Google’s doodle dalliance is the way it creates so much free publicity, drives traffic, and pushes you to what is essentially a lead generation campaign for a Google ad partner. Does Google really need the free marketing for its home page?

Over the Googleplex the marketing boffins, who are the lowest life form in the engineering led company, must be feeling pretty good about themselves. The Google doodle, which is neither art or news worthy, gets free press every time it changes, usually around some holiday or anniversary of something.

The doodles are cute. They are, sometimes, very clever. They are, always, interactive.

Today’s doodle is heart shaped candies.

Click on them and they become heart warming stories of love.

Click on the link below the search box, and it is another cute V-Day trinket. This time, no doubt, generating leads for Disney, a Google advertiser. 

Subtle marketing, almost frighteningly so, but how can you argue with the fact that Google has exponentially boosted its profits from the day by getting the world’s press to drive traffic to a page that needs no introduction, and that is, in reality, trying to sell ads to a deep pocketed advertiser.

Our hats are off to the Google guys. We will just sit things out until the Google Robot Overlords come by and tell us what they’d like us to do.

I am working on getting Google’s bank deposit information so that you can just pay into their account directly and cut out the middle man.