Gmail to users: Suck it, We’re Down!

Gmail is down worldwide. It is the White Screen of Death (WSOD) and out-does Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in terms of annoyance and impact on the peoples of the world. Google is not doing evil, just doing ticking-off. Come back AOL, you never let us down.

The Twittersphere, where the ADD go to congregrate, is abuzz with the news that most Gmail users already know. Gmail is down. 

This is not an end of world scenario, but it feels like it, and is yet one more reason why sheeple will all eventually end up as someone’s Sunday dinner.

In the meantime, a slight earth tremor was detected in the Nortwest, near Redmond, Washington. Scientists believe it is the giggling of a million Microsoft lovers.

Wait. Gmail is back up again. Yes, it is!

Crisis over, people.

And it is down, again.

Check it out for yourselves. I have to go get a drink.