Pearltrees for Android goes live

Pearltrees can best be described as a visual and collaborative library that allows users to easily curate and keep track of their favorite subjects.

Earlier this week, Pearltrees for Android went live, taking full advantage of the operating system’s capabilities across smartphones and tablets powered by the OS.

“What makes this Android version so special is that it is a true file manager developed for the post PC world,” Pearltrees spokesperson Oliver Starr told TG Daily.

“The visual design lets contributors add, organize and retrieve everything naturally, while providing a totally coherent experience on every platform. And of course, Pearltrees, has always leveraged the power of its community for the benefit of every user.”

According to Starr, the new version of Pearltrees acts as a powerful file manager for Android.

“Built on Android’s ability to communicate, navigate and move information between applications, it simplifies the organization of content and the navigation across apps,” he said. 

“This key capability makes Pearltrees one of the most complete and versatile applications for the Android platform.”

Complementing these features is a universal design that adapts to the user’s actions, with features appearing only when they’re needed. Unique to Pearltrees for Android is that it operates in both landscape and portrait modes, offering the best possible experience on any device.

The new app can be downloaded now directly from the Google Play Store here.

Pearltrees first launched as a Beta platform in December 2009 achieving a 1.0 release in November 2012. Currently, Pearltrees boasts more than a million of contributors, over 2 million monthly active users and more than 50 million pearls.