Jolla Mobile launches Sailfish OS SDK

The smartphone market is quite well-established. As such, it will be somewhat difficult for another OS to realistically compete against Android, iOS, Blackberry and even Windows Phone.

Nevertheless, despite the difficult market, Jolla Mobile continues to plug away on its new Sailfish operating system. Yes, the company  has released the Sailfish OS SDK in an attemps to lure developers into making apps for yet another smartphone operating system.

As previously reported on TG Daily, Sailfish is Linux-based and is the successor of the now defunct MeeGo, which was officially canned by by Nokia.

Jolla expects to launch its first Sailfish-powered smartphone later this year. The operating system is specifically designed for touch-screen mobile devices. It features all the basic user interface items that smartphone users expect such as a lock screen, home screen, and notifications.

Sailfish does have a few things that set it apart from the operating systems already on the market, including a gesture-based control system that allows users to change profiles, open the camera app, and more.

The Sailfish SDK is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. That being said, I just can’t see developers being lured away from lucrative software like iOS and Android to another operating system that’s unlikely to make a dent in the market. What do you think?