Android on Intel, now dual-booting with Windows 8

Developers at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center have coded a new version of Android optimized to run on Santa Clara’s x86 chips.

Android-4.2.2_r1-ia0 – based on Jelly Bean (4.2.2) – can best be described as a preview release targeted at Intel-powered desktops, notebooks and tablet PCs.

Indeed, as Liliputing’s Brad Linder points out, the above-mentioned version of Android on Intel even includes tools that allows users to dual-boot Windows 8 and Android on the same system.

Additional features include support for UEFI Boot, a Linux 3.8 kernel and an interactive installer.

However, be advised that Android-4.2.2_r1-ia0 is still very much considered a work in progress, with the software described as buggy and currently lacking support for Bluetooth.

It should also be noted that devs are likely to have dropped support for legacy BIOS, which means this particular version of Android may not be able to run on older machines, although enthusiasts of Google’s mobile OS can always check out the Android-x86 project as a viable alternative.

The latest download of Intel’s Android is available here, while instructions for loading an installer on a USB flash drive on an Android PC can be found here.