Marvel Unlimited hits the iPad and iPhone

Marvel has launched a new iOS app for the iPhone and iPad.

Dubbed Marvel Unlimitedthe app offers users complete access to the full 13,000 issue Marvel back catalog on an iPhone or iPad.

The price for this geeky luxury is a mere $60 per year or $10 per month. That’s not much cash at all, especially considering the huge amount of comics Marvel is making available to app users. 

The application also supports the downloading of up to six titles at a time directly to a mobile device, allowing users to read off-line.

Of course, this isn’t the first app that Marvel has offered targeting the iPhone. Back in 2009, Marvel announced motion comics for the iPhone that would be available via iTunes. Marvel also offers a digital subscription service for computer users as well.

This might not be Marvel’s first app, but this is the company’s first app coded natively for iOS and unless you have a massive comic book store in your town, it may be the first place for you to check out some of the more obscure titles Marvel offers. I’m willing to bet this app will be especially fun on the iPad.