Pearltrees beautifies curation with Botticelli

Pearltrees is routinely used to embed data related to a particular topic in a way that is easy to navigate.

The platform – which went live in 2009 – currently counts more than two million active users and over 50 million pearls, which can best be described as pieces of digital content.

Today, Pearltrees is rolling out Botticelli, which company spokesperson Oliver Starr told TG Daily can best be described as a new version of the platform that transforms organized collections into beautiful illustrated libraries.

“Pearltrees users will now have beautiful full screen backgrounds that illustrate each pearltree, making the product more beautiful and easier to navigate. The new backgrounds provide context for each pearltree, resulting in much more immersive navigation from interest to interest,” he explained.

“Highly realistic pearls now allow users to play with and dive into content in an entirely new way. Each pearl presents a view of what it contains, making what’s inside immediately recognizable. The realistic pearls offer understanding at a glance.”

Plus, says Starr, a full suite of customization options allows contributors to connect with their libraries in a more emotional way.

“Reusable image galleries, improved zooming capabilities and better image formatting create a familiar atmosphere that lets people feel at home in their libraries,” he added. 

The new release is available immediately for the iPad and iPhone as well as on the web. Both the standard version of Pearltrees and the app are free. A premium version with additional features is available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.