Microsoft eyes price breaks to spur Windows 8 adoption

Adoption of Microsoft’s flagship Windows 8 operating system has been less-than-stellar thus far. 

Unsurprisingly, tepid demand for the software has negatively impacted sales of new PCs, specifically touch-enabled laptop computers.

As such, Microsoft is apparently offering price breaks on its Windows 8 and Office software to help popularize the latest iteration of its OS and increase hardware sales.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Redmond discounts are specifically tailored for portables with small displays slated to hit store shelves this fall.

“Such discounts could help reduce the price and increase the appeal of laptop computers running Windows 8, which was released last fall and offers a new touch-based computer interface,” explained Eva Dou of the WSJ.

“Analysts say sales have been slow, hobbled in part by the lack of devices equipped with the kind of touch-based displays that are common on tablets.”

As expected, Microsoft refused to either confirm or deny any alleged discounting activity.

“As we’ve said before, Windows 8 was built to scale across all sizes of PCs and tablets—large and small,” the spokesperson maintained. “We continue to work with partners to ensure that Windows is available across a diverse range of devices.”

Nevertheless, Asus CEO Jerry Shen confirmed that Redmond was actively attempting to stimulate demand of its Windows 8 OS.

“Microsoft has been making many efforts lately that I cannot talk about in specific, but that will help give momentum to the notebook and netbook and Eee PC [Asus’s netbook line] area… I believe [we] will have the opportunity in the third or fourth quarter to get back this sector, with a better selling price than before,” he added.