Paranoid Android 3 goes live for Nexus lineup

Paranoid Android can best be described as a customized version of Google’s mobile Android operating system loaded with a feature known as Hybrid Engine (HE). 

Although some insist on referring to Hybrid Engine as tablet mode, the feature is technically about a lot more than just tablets. Indeed, HE allows users to select settings on a per app basis – allowing for the easy customization and optimization of devices. 

To be sure, customizable settings include both DPI and layout choices for each individual app. Meanwhile, a new feature has been added to Paranoid Android in the latest build (bringing the ROM to version 3.0) known as the PIE control system. Basically, the new control system allows users to disable on-screen buttons, instead using swipe gestures to access various features of the smartphone and OS. 

The updated Paranoid app also offers per app color adjustment that allows the user to set custom UI colors on a per app basis. Meaning, you can have a blue system bar when Facebook launches or a black bar to blend in with YouTube.

The updated ROM is currently available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Users of the Nexus 4 will also appreciate that the updated Paranoid Android operating system is loaded with baked-in fixes for gamma issues related to the smartphones IPS panel to help improve screen performance.