Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium goes live today

With the previous iterations of Microsoft’s incredibly popular productivity suite known as Office you paid one high price and the software was yours forever.

The problem for many people was that the asking price for the productivity suite could run into the hundreds of dollar range, depending on the version you wanted. In an effort to shake up the Office status quo, Microsoft announced its new Office 365 online service several years ago.

As previously discussed on TG Daily, Office 365 offers access to the productivity suite for a fixed rate per month – ranging up to about $27 per user. And today, Redmond  launched its Office 365 Home Premium, a version of the Microsoft productivity suite available at a one-year subscription for $100.

The productivity suite boasts a fresh look and feel that is similar to the revamped Windows 8. Home Premium offers users access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access with the single yearly fee. The $100 yearly subscription also allows users access to all previously mentioned apps and automatic software updates for the entire year.

Plus, the subscription includes 20 GB of storage space on SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage option, 60 Skype world minutes, and the ability to access Office programs on as many as five computers or tablets for the single monthly rate. This should make the Home Premium subscription quite appealing to families that require access to the software on multiple computers.

Along with the Home Premium version, Microsoft also launched office 365 University at $79.95 for four years. However, this software suite can only be used on two machines and can only be renewed at that price one time. Standard versions of Office 2013 are available to purchase for $219.99 for a single download and you own it forever. However, any upgrades with that single $219.99 purchase price will have to be paid for.

Another nice feature of the Office 365 subscription model is that your settings follow you across all of your devices. Meaning, if you like a particular font, it will pop up as the default you on all of your devices – without requiring a change of settings each time.

Office 365 is currently available for Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows phone devices, although iPad users can access a browser-based version of the suite.