Do Not Disturb bug disturbs Apple users

Many iPhone and iPad users had a more peaceful New Year’s Day than they expected yesterday, with iOS’s Do Not Disturb feature failing to turn itself off when it should.

Do Not Disturb allows users to set a period during which calls, texts and other alerts are automatically silenced (although Alarm alerts sound as normal). When that period ends, life should resume as normal: but yesterday, it didn’t. Users say the same thing’s happening today, and report that turning the phone off and on again does nothing to fix the problem.

Apple’s acknowledged the bug, which appears to be affecting users all over the world. “Some people are reporting problems with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature,” says the company in a discussion forum. “If you want to turn off “Do not Disturb”, go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb and slide “Scheduled” to OFF.”

It’s by no means the first time that Apple devices have had trouble with dates. Last year, many users found that a one-time alarm set for New year’s Day failed to go off, and the company’s had repeated difficulties dealing with the change to Daylight Saving Time.

This time, though, there’s a whole extra level of embarrassment for the company. As Apple users across the US scratched their heads at what was happening – or not happening – with their phones, some will have turned on the television… to see a new ad for the iPhone 5 being aired by the company.

It shows tennis star sisters Venus and Serena Williams playing table tennis in a dream – and advertises the Do Not Disturb feature.