eyeIO streams 4K Ultra HD

There are a limited number of 4K resolution televisions (Ultra HD) currently on the market.

The problem with the current lineup of ultra HD TVs? Most are insanely expensive due to their massive screen sizes.

Then again, manufacturers will ultimately be rolling out smaller screen ultra HD resolution TVs at a more affordable price. And even if all that is available now are expensive sets with massive screens, the ability to view 4K content is bound to pique mainstream consumer at some point in the very near future. 

On that note, while you may not be familiar with a company known as eyeIO, you probably have used its technology before, especially for those who routinely stream Netflix videos. Recently, the company announced a significant upgrade to its platforms that allows HD video to stream over the Internet for audiences around the world.

Indeed, the company says the latest iteration of its platform facilitates the smooth delivery of full HD 3D, Studio HD, and Ultra HD 4K resolution video. Compared to the first version of its platform, the next generation of H.264 software encodes 45% faster and reduces bit rates by an additional 26% – all without reducing video quality. The new technology also improves video data on several fronts by over 50%, allowing for fast playback with clear and crisp images.

The software can run locally or in the cloud, and we may very well see support for 4K content on Netflix before too long.