SNES emulator goes live for Windows RT tablets

There are plenty of old-school console emulators out there for gamers who want to play their favorite classic titles of yesteryear.

Most of those emulators are available for Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets or jailbroken iOS devices. Fortunately, If you’re the owner of the Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows RT, you can now get your hands on a SNES game emulator via the official Windows Store.

The app is a free download and is available for Windows 8 as well as Windows RT. The software is based on Snex9x, which is a free and portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

The app is designed to play Super Nintendo games and offers baked in support for virtual touch controls and keyboard input. However, this is the emulator only; meaning, you’ll have to find your own game ROMs. This shouldn’t be all that much of a problem because there are tons of old Nintendo game ROMs floating around on the Internet.

If somehow you’re not familiar with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, it was the game console to have back in the early 1990s. Then system launched in North America in 1991 and was the second console gaming system from Nintendo. It featured improved graphics, a faster processor and Super Mario World.

The SNES was the best-selling 16-bit console of its era and battled it out against the Sega Genesis.