Election, iPhone 5 and Kim Kardashian top Yahoo searches

Yahoo has released its list of the most-searched terms for the year. The  list reveals that, unsurprisingly, we’ve been very interested in the US election – but have relaxed by following the Kardashians and dreaming of an iPhone 5.

“The elections saturated headline news and ads, but people still checked in online to see what was developing in the presidential elections, as well as their own state and local races,” says Yahoo.

“Anticipation for the iPhone 5, in a post-Steve Jobs era, helped Apple maintain a presence in the Yahoo! Top 10. Kim Kardashian, a staple in the Top 10 since 2009, reached the height of her online popularity as most searched person on Yahoo!.”

We’ve also been keen on Kates this year, with model Kate Upton taking fourth position after landing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And the usual obsession with the British royals continued as Kate Middleton became the third-most searched person on Yahoo!, thanks in part to her grandmother-in-law’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

The top-searched memes make for interesting reading, particularly for anone that might not recognize them all. The are, in order, ‘kony 2012’; ‘binders full of women’; ‘hurricane sandy fake storm photos’; ‘ridiculously photogenic guy’; ‘big bird’; ‘dogshaming’; ‘stingray photobomb’; ‘eastwooding’; ‘etch a sketch’ and ‘mckayla maroney is not impressed’.

Apple dominated the gadget list, taking the top three slots with the iPhone 5, iPad3 and iPad mini. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came next, followed by the Kindle Fire, iPhone 4 and Nook.

And ‘What is…’ searches revealed our ignorance, with people wondering about SOPA, love and what the Hunger Games is about.