Video: Winulator runs classic Windows games on Android

A developer by the name of Dan Aloni has coded an emulator that allows users to play classic Windows games (95 or 98) on Android devices.

Aptly dubbed Winulator, the app remains a work-in-progress and isn’t yet available to the public. However, a demo video has been posted on YouTube.

“In-game sound doesn’t work yet. I’m working also on other fixes before releasing the app to the Android Play market,” Aloni wrote in a blog post.

“But once I do, you’d be able to run Caesar III too, provided you follow the instructions that appear at the documentation site. This will be possible once I officially announce the first version of Winulator-beta.”

According to Aloni, the emulator currently targets devices powered by an ARM processors, even though the original games required an x86 chip.

“[As such], I have written a desktop helper application that converts the machine code from Intel to ARM, [thus] relieving the need for Winulator to waste precious ARM cycles for emulation,” he explained.

“Also, some Windows APIs were implemented to provide the run-time environment necessary for the hosted program to work.”

As you can see in the video above, Aloni is testing Caesar III, but additional games are expected to be supported.

“I’ll aim to provide a dedicated support to each of the programs that the users would like to run, in a way that will make it run smooth and playable (when it concerns games),” he added.