Google rolls out TV voice search

Mountain View’s Google TV in late 2012 is certainly light years ahead of where the platform was back in 2010 shortly after the project first launched. Indeed, Google has rolled out a number of critical upgrades over the ensuing years in an effort to significantly improve UI, function and performance. 

For example, last month Google updated its TV platform with the ability to purchase and rent full-length movies and TV shows from Google Play.

Currently, Mountain View is in the process of rolling out another update that offers updated voice search, as well as live interaction with Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

As noted above, the new voice search feature will first hit LG smart TVs powered by Mountain View’s software,  

as LG’s remote control is equipped with  an integrated microphone, allowing for easy voice interaction. Now all you have to do to watch your favorite show is say the name, such as “Homeland.” You can also search for movies with specific actors using commands like “search for movies with Jeff Bridges.”

The update also offers another sweet feature – allowing viewers to use their Android smartphone or tablet to stream videos on a Google TV sets. Yes, Google TV automatically pairs with any Android device on the same Wi-Fi network – effectively facilitating the use of a phone or tablet as a remote control.

Mountain View says the above-mentioned updates will be rolling out to Google-powered LG devices in the “coming weeks,” while additional second-generation Google TV hardware should receive the update in the coming months. First-generation devices will support YouTube updates – but apparently not voice search capabilities.