Play movies and music hit Google TV

Mountain View is currently rolling out its full Play platform to Google TV devices.

The new content includes movies, TV shows and music – all of which can be purchased or rented directly through the Play store on Google TV. 

“[In addition], purchases you’ve made on other devices will also be automatically available on Google TV,” Google exec Ambarish Kenghe confirmed in a blog post. 

“Google Play titles will be discoverable through our TV & Movies app, which brings recommendations for shows and movies available on live TV and apps like Netflix, Amazon and now Google Play.”

Bringing the Play platform to Google TV will also benefit developers, as the update enables many other Google Play features – including auto-updates, subscription billing and smart app updates.

As Sean Hollister of The Verge points out, it’s a little hard to believe that Google TV owners couldn’t access a full version of Play when other Android devices without “TV” in their names have had access for over three months. Plus, users still can’t begin a show on one device and resume it on another.

It should also be noted that an Android PC-on-a-stick may offer a viable (and cheaper) option for those interested in an alternative to Google’s official TV platform. Such examples recently featured on TG Daily include the UG802, Z2C and FXI’s Cotton Candy. 

Of particular interest is Favi – a $49 Android PC-on-a-stick that ships with a custom launcher and optional $39 remote which includes a thumb keyboard and touchpad.


The Favi SmartStick is powered by Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), supports Google’s Play Store and features integrated WiFi, an HDMI port, USB 2.0 port, mini USB port and a micro SD card slot.

The device can be easily connected to your TV by simply plugging the stick right into an open HDMI port for 720p or 1080p output. Power is drawn from either a USB port or an AC adapter and there is also a port where you can plug in an IR receiver for use with a remote control. 

The Favi SmartStick is available in two primary configurations: 4GB for $49 and $79 for 8GB. Both versions are slated to ship on October 30th.