This Ultimate Toolbox helps customize your Android ROMs

Software modders know all too well that customizing an Android ROM can be a time consuming process – even for veteran users.  

Fortunately, Despotovski01 of XDA Devs has coded the aptly named Ultimate Toolbox Pro to help fellow Android enthusiasts simplify their quest for the perfect mod. 

As FallenWriter of XDA Devs notes, this utility helps eliminate the more tedious steps involved in customizing a ROM.

Key features include:

* creator

* signer

* Flash kernels

* Flash recovery images

* Flash

* Flash system images

* Flash data images

* Flash splash images

* Install APKs (system and user)

* Uninstall APKs (system and user)

* Check MD5 sums

* File manager

* Root checker

* Root your device

* Unroot device

* Logger (logcat and dmesg)

* Rebooter (normal reboot, reboot in recovery, reboot in bootloader)

* Backup manager

* Device ID configurator (device name, build number, Android version)

* Unlock bootloader

* Lock bootloader

* Wipe (system, data, cache, boot, recovery)

“Having put this program to the test on a basic Galaxy Nexus ROM, I can say that this toolbox does what it sets out to do,” wrote Despotovski01.

“The only downside that I can see is that it’s only for Windows currently. So if you’re rocking a Linux/UNIX distro, you’ll need to either dual boot or dust off that virtualization software.”

Interested? You can check out Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro here.