NFL Game Rewind hits Android tablets

NFL aficionados know sports fans don’t always agree with every play called on the field and often want to more closely examine specific plays. 

The NFL has offered an app known as Game Rewind for quite some time now , but it remained iOS (iPad) specific. However, the app  recently hit Android tablets and is available in Google’s Play store.

So now if you missed the game, you can play it back on demand – for the entire 2012 season. Meaning, if you want to go back and review a specific game one for your favorite team right before the playoffs start, well, you can do that.

The obvious catch is that the app is actually subscription based, so you have to pay to access the games. However, you can also access the coach’s film that’s available for subscribers on certain tiers, which is often used to figure out which plays were effective and what strategies require improvement.

This particular feature includes a special All 22 angle that allows you to see where every player is on the field for the duration of the play. This view may be perfect for high school coaches looking to implement some of the plays they see on Sunday for their Friday night games.

One of my personal favorites is the telestrator feature which allows you to pause the game and then draw over it with your finger to help analyze plays and instruct others. Interested? Game Rewind for Android can be downloaded here.