Elite Kernel hits the Nexus 7 afterburners

Perhaps one of Google Android’s top features is the operating system’s open nature, which allows the developer community to code a never-ending stream of mods, hacks and tweaks.

The same could probably be said for some Android-powered hardware, such as Mountain View’s indigenously designed Nexus 7 tablet.

So if you’re the sort of super user who likes to apply custom software and tweak kernels, well,  you

may want to check out the specially modded Elite Kernel for Google’s Nexus 7.

Elite Kernel is based on the Motley kernel developed by an XDA member known as ” _motley,” and later modded into the Elite version by “clemsyn,” another XDA member.

The revamped kernel features a number of different tweaks and modifications to squeeze even more performance out of the Nexus 7 tablet hardware, such as:

1. The implementation of JRCU.

2. Lowest backlight setting set to 5 (save battery and better reading at night).

3. Core voltage increased from 1200 to 1250mv on the high side to hit 1.7 frequency and 600 GPU but decreased from 950 to 900mv on the low side.

4. Increased CPU voltage to 1240mv for 1.7 frequency but allows decreased 750mv in low side.

5. Increased GPU clock to 600 and pixclock increased.

6. DVFS core table completely changed to allow max clock of host1x and pll_c and hit most max frequencies.

7. Enable Thermal_Sys to throttle at 68.

Oddly, not all Nexus 7 tablets out there will be able to handle the optimized tweaks offered in the Elite kernel. However, if your tablet is up to the task, you will likely see performance increase significantly, especially with resource intensive games and applications.