Pearltrees iPhone app goes live

Pearltrees is routinely used to embed data related to a particular topic in a way that is easy to navigate.

The platform – which went live in 2009 – currently counts more than 500,000 contributors and over 25 million pearls, which can best be described as pieces of digital content.

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Currently, Pearltrees can be accessed via a plug-in on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. There is also a Pearltrees app for Apple’s iPad, and as of today, one specially designed for the iPhone. 

“Pearltrees for the iPhone enables people to take the unique visual and touch interface (used to organize, find and share content) into the palm of their hand,” Pearltrees spokesperson Oliver Starr told TG Daily. 

“This release also introduces new feature updates, including the ability to ‘pearl’ personal photos, upload quick posts of information and access Pearltrees regardless of smartphone signal strength in offline mode.”

According to Starr, everything about the product has been “reimagined” for the smaller form factor of the iPhone.

“For example, With the ‘pearl view’ users can get an overview of almost any topic, while the reader lets contributors browse from page to page with just a swipe of the finger,” he explained.

“In addition, people can add short, text-based notes to their pearltrees. These notes-within-pearls allow users to annotate, capture and share whatever they please in the context of their links and photos.”

Pearltrees can be downloaded here from Apple’s app store free of charge.