Official Olympics social presence increases

This year, the Olympics will be all about social media.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are going to be the most online-connected Olympics ever.

That’s a fact, and it’s nothing worth writing an essay about because that doesn’t surprise anyone. What’s perhaps most interesting, though, is to see whether or not the organization that runs the international games is keeping up with the incredible social presence that the next few months will have.

So the International Olympic Committee has updated its official social page for the event, the Olympic Athletes’ Hubs.

It’s an online destination for fans to follow their favorite athletes and their country, allowing them to connect via Facebook and Twitter to various Olympians. The committee is doing its best job to keep the flurry of social content in one centralized location.

Users are able to log in with their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. In addition to that, the IOC has its own official Twitter account as well as a presence in Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr.

The hub also will integrate with all these platforms. It’s going to be tough keeping on top of everything in one location, but the IOC surely wants to do the best that it can.

In addition to all this activity on Facebook and Twitter, the Olympics will be streamed online and on mobile devices. For the first time ever, every single Olympic event will be available to be watched live on some sort of platform.