This Linux distro emulates the Commodore 64 OS

One of my all time favorite pieces of geek tech is the Commodore 64.

Any geek alive in the 80’s will remember the stalwart Commodore 64, an 8-bit computer that launched in 1982 packing a cool 64 kB of RAM. Yes, we all thought the machine was awesome back in the day, though compared to modern smartphones the original Commodore 64 certainly seems lacking.

Performance comparisons aside, the Commodore 64 still holds a soft spot in the hearts of many geeks.

In fact, Commodore even manufactures a modern computer  that looks like the 64 of yore.

So if you’re the type of retro geek who might own one of faux Commodore 64 systems, you will probably be happy to learn that Commodore USA is working on an operating system which mimics the look and the feel of the original OS.

Dubbed Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta 9, the operating system is based on Linux Mint. The coolest part? Vision offers integrated support for a Commodore 64 software emulator – allowing users to easily run their favorite old-school 8-bit apps and games.

In addition, Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta 9  includes applications that your average Linux distribution offers, including Internet, office, and media player apps. Commodore’s operating system is also packaged with Openshot video editor, Linux Multimedia Studio, and GIMP image editing software. 

This is obviously the perfect operating system to load and run on reproduction Commodore 64 computers equipped with modern internals.