Mozilla Junior is Firefox for the iPad

If you’ve been craving a new user-friendly browser for your iPad, Mozilla has the answer.

The company is rolling out a new software program for the Apple tablet that it is calling Mozilla Junior. It’s essentially like “Firefox Lite,” making the browsing experience intuitive and optimized for the large touchscreen device.

Of course there are many other third-party browsers for the iPad, including the well-known Opera brand. But Mozilla is certainly much more established among users, especially the not-so-tech-savvy crowd to whom the iPad caters.

The browser is designed to take up the entire display without the clutter of tabs and address bars.

It relies on specific touch controls to eliminate this clutter – tiny buttons on the edges of the page are the key to operating all commands like going back to the previous page and scrolling through all the sites you have open.

Mozilla wrote on its website, “What are we doing to make sure that the ones working to disrupt Mozilla’s products is Mozilla itself, instead of our competitors? How do we focus on innovations in areas where Mozilla can be the first, the best or the only organization that can deliver outstanding products?”

That was how it introduced the new software, which it describes as “an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up.”

Right now it is just a prototype and not available for the public. But hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on something soon.