64-bit version of Windows Firefox hits the ‘Net

A 64-bit iteration of Mozilla’s Firefox browser for Windows has been spotted in the wild.

“I am cleaning up and wrapping up my automation patches and will do a wider announcement and status update (debug builds/others),” Armen Gasparnian confirmed in an mozilla.dev.planning forum post.

“Please give big thanks to Makoto for having knocked out several bugs – specially the one that was crashing the browser.”

However, HOpen cautioned that the downloadable pre-release version for Windows was at an early stage of development and had not yet undergone rigorous testing.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Mozilla has been releasing nightly builds of FF 64-bit for Linux and Mac OS X since April 9.

“There are opt and debug builds, with incremental builds triggered by checkin during the day, full clobber builds run every night,” Mozilla developer John O’Duinn explained in a previous blog post.

“[So] if you are running on 64bit OS, and want to help, you can download the nightly builds from here and try them out. We tested like crazy in staging, so think it all works, but if you hit any problems, we’d love to hear about them.”