Facebook App Center goes live

Facebook’s formally launched the App Center it announced last month, allowing users to browse – and, directly or indirectly, buy – a range of Android, mobile and web apps.

Users access the center from Facebook’s left-hand navigational menu.

To start with, it has 600 apps, including Draw Something, Pinterest and Nike+ GPS, as well as new apps like Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood and Ghost Recon Commander. Each app has a rating, description and screen shot.

Some are browser apps, some native apps that are automatically downloaded from the App Store or Play Market. All, for the time being are feww, although the company plans to add paid apps later on. Users will be able to use Facebook Credits to buy apps, with the company taking a 30 percent cut.

The idea is to offer users personalized recommendations, based on their previous preferences and those of their friends. “It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app,” promises product manager Matt Wyndowe. It’s also possible, of course, to search by category, such as ‘games’ or ‘news’.

Mobile, naturally, is the focus.

“To make it easier to find social apps for mobile, the App Center is available in the Facebook iOS and Android apps, as well as Facebook.com,” says Windowe.

“You can send apps you find on your computer to your mobile device using the new ‘Send to Mobile’ feature. If a mobile app requires a download, you’ll be sent to install it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.”

The App Center was first announced last month, when the company put out a call to developers.