Apple bows to pressure over renewable energy

If you want to get Apple to do something, try dressing up as a giant iPhone. It’s worked for Greenpeace, whose campaign against the company’s reliance on ‘dirty power’ has succeeded.

Apple’s now announced that by the end of this year, its controversial data center in Maiden, North Carolina, will be fuelled entirely by renewable sources.

The announcement follows a demonstration outside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters earlier this week, which saw protesters lock themselves up in a giant iPod and dress as iPhones.

Apple was already planning to produce 60 percent of the power it needs from its own on-site solar farm. Now, though, it’s pledged to source the remainder from other renewable sources.

“Directly purchasing clean local energy gives us the flexibility to meet our needs over time, helps us to ensure that our sources are reputable and responsible, and encourages local investment in renewable projects such as wind, solar, and bio-gas power in locations best suited for these resources,” says the company.

Adding renewable energy sources like these displaces dirtier energy sources from the grid. We’re also partnering with NC GreenPower — an independent, nonprofit organization created by the North Carolina Utilities Commission — to increase local renewable energy production throughout North Carolina.”

It’s also promising that its newest data center, in Prineville, Oregon, will be ‘every bit as environmentally responsible’ as the Maiden facility.