Dropbox update hits in wake of Google Drive

Now that it has a huge competitor, Dropbox has just been updated to make itself stand out more.

A couple months ago, Dropbox rolled out an update to its Android app, making it possible for users to seamlessly and automatically upload photos to their cloud storage account without even thinking about it.

Now, the company has made the same feature available to computers, giving users the option to push photos to the cloud whenever they plug in a camera or SD card.

The update, as you might expect, requires users to have the Dropbox app installed on their computer, and it must be always on in the background for the automatic process to work.

“Getting pictures off your camera has always been a huge pain. So we put our heads down and worked worked worked to ensure that automatic upload would play nicely with anything that might have a photo or video on it,” Dropbox wrote in an official blog post.

This latest news, of course, comes as Google Drive is taking the lion’s share of the cloud headlines. Because of the increasing pressure, Dropbox has been working around the clock to optimize and refine its experience.

Over the last couple months this has included such features as integration with Facebook and the automatic upload mechanic for Android. For cloud storage to really take off, it needs to be as seamless and easy as managing files on your local desktop. Dropbox wants to achieve that.