Chrome OS gets updated with Aura UI

Some techies are adamant about running Windows as their operating system of choice and would probably never even seriously considering loading another one.

Then again, some prefer Mac OS X, while other just can’t seem to get enough of Linux and other alternative operating systems such as Google’s stripped down Chrome OS.

Chrome is a web-centric Linux-based operating system that went live on November 2009 – and began shipping on June 15, 2011 in the form of x86 Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung.

If you own a Chromebook, you should be on the lookout for a new version of the OS.

The update is being pushed out to Acer and Samsung Chromebooks right now which operate on the dev channel.

The updated OS boasts an Aura UI and is significantly revamped, meaning, it looks a lot more like Windows. The latest iteration of the UI features an overhauled media player and taskbar, along with a launchpad style software launcher.

The OS is also using hardware acceleration – and offering animations for the new features. The biggest change? The ability to have multiple browser windows open simultaneously – with each movable and resizable. Previously, each of the open Windows only supported full-screen viewing.

The new version of the operating system – dubbed Chrome OS 19 – also offers support for a pair of new file formats including .tar and .gz.

Strangely enough, Google doesn’t appear to be offering the update to owners of the CR-48 notebook at this time. The CR-48 is Google’s own reference hardware design for Chrome OS notebooks.

In any case, the latest update certainly makes Chrome OS feel more comfortable for those who are used to Mac OS X or Windows PCs.