Google Cloud Drive could offer 5GB of free storage

Cloud-based storage is all the rage today with multiple providers – including Dropbox and Apple – competing in the lucrative space.

As such, it comes as little surprise to learn that Google is reportedly planning to offer a cloud storage platform at some point in the near future. However, we haven’t yet heard much in the way of details in terms of the one feature we really care about, namely, the amount of free storage space.

Previously, rumors pegged Mountain View’s storage space allocation at a scant 2 GB, which would put Google Drive on par with Dropbox.

However, a recently leaked screenshot indicates that Google Drive will likely offer 5 GB of free storage space, with additional tiered upgrades available for an unspecified fee. Personally, I think 5 GB should be plenty of space for the majority of people out there in cyberspace.

Of course, it’s important to point out that Google has not confirmed the legitimacy of the image, so for now, reports of 5GB remains pure speculation – even though Mountain View has been quite generous in the past in terms of e-mail storage space. 

Other details have surfaced, including one report about the Drive app for Android, which will apparently boast document editing capability.

We have talked about Google Drive previously. Frankly, I think Google Drive will do well in the lucrative space since most people are already using one (cloud-based) Google service like YouTube, Gmail or Docs. I can certainly see uploading a video shot on your smartphones to Drive rather than YouTube if it’s just something you want to save, rather than share.